The purpose of this website is to introduce myself, Vihra, to present my offerings to the world and to share what inspires me on the way.

Every journey has a story and in my story I share what shaped me, my journey and my work.

When someone asks me What do you work? I usually smile and say Where should I begin?

I am involved in different projects…I love diversity!!! …however, with the time I start seeing clearly that all the different projects are more and more connected and the red thread in all of them is to nurture a healthy social and ecological ecosystem…the environment I want to live in!!!

I see my work projects clustering into regional work and global online work. In each аrea you can learn more about my experience and the professional services I am offering.

Articles in my blog are coming soon.

If you want to contact me, you can do it here or directly at hello@vihra.net

See you along the journey!

With warmth,


P.S. I am the person in green on the picture at the top.