Regional work

In August 2017 I returned to my home country Bulgaria, after living for 13 years abroad. I followed an inner call to return to my roots and bring with me what I have gathered along the journey.

My regional work is guided by the purpose of nurturing a healthy ecosystem in Bulgaria.

This work has many layers and expressions. It starts with a healthy Vihra, healthy relationships with my family and friends, supporting and co-creating meaningful projects and initiatives and goes towards an active community engagement.

When I returned I had a clear intention to listen to what is unfolding in Bulgaria and sense where my gifts can be of service. And so I started listening and connecting with people and ideas.

There are a lot of inspiring initiatives in Bulgaria! So many and so diverse. Here you can see a map of the inspiring projects I have encountered so far. I called it “Inspired Bulgaria / Вдъхновена България” (the mindmap is only in Bulgarian). I believe that the map will get fuller and fuller with more inspiring projects from all kind.

What I do naturally is to connect people and ideas. It happens wherever I am and whatever I do. It is not a job title but it is somehow part of everything I do… and I love it.

Since 2015 I am creating spaces for meaningful conversations and connection….being them online or in person. I call myself a host (it comes from Art of Hosting, to simplify it I use also the word  facilitator, however I do see a difference) and a designer of group processes (to host a group process you first have to design it).

So far in Bulgaria I have joined the hosting team of:

I am also an active member of the Art of Hosting community of practice in Bulgaria and I am co-hosting in person and online events with SOL Bulgaria.

I am partnering with OpenSpace Collective, InSpiral and other like-minded people in Bulgaria to foster engagement at different levels.

I also start introducing my experience with designing and hosting participatory online spaces.

There are also other projects on their way of becoming but I will share more about them later.