My story

A story can be shared from so many different moments in life. I will start mine at the time when I felt so curious about exploring the world.

My exploration journey begins

I have just finished high school in Bulgaria and I simply knew that a journey is about to begin. At the age of 18, I moved to Germany to study International Business and Management at the Fachhochschule Osnabrück. During my studies I made a semester abroad at the Baikal State University in Irkutsk, Russia and also gained my first practical experience through an internship in Strategic Human Resources with Bosch Rexroth in Lohr am Main, Germany. There I also wrote my bachelor thesis, exploring the efficiency of their internal meetings….not knowing that in few years life will bring me back to this topic from a different perspective.

Those years were my first deep dive into fully international environment, different languages (English, German, Russian), different countries and cities, and many wonderful friends from around the world.

Exploring the business world

In 2008 I have finished my studies and I was so curious to explore the vastness of the business world. I started applying for different consulting companies, imagining working in diverse projects, areas, countries…so much to explore! And so life brought me to Consileon Business Consultancy, back then a mid-size German company with about 70 employees, nowadays with around 350 employees. I started as an intern and landed on a project in the Capital Markets line of business. Life can be quite unpredictable sometimes…..a life of exploration, you step into the unknown and see what it has to offer you! And so did I! I worked for Consileon for 6 years, growing from intern to associate consultant, consultant and a senior consultant. I did experience diverse projects, worked in different countries….what stayed the same was the Capital Markets line of business. For those 6 years I worked on different projects for the Deutsche Boerse Group as a client. I can say I worked for two companies at the same time. Wow what a time. I learned a lot and I gave a lot. My ability to be well structures, organised and extremely punctual comes from those years. I also learned that nothing is impossible, you don’t know something, you learn it and do it.

A lot of what I have learned in those 6 years serves me really well along the journey and it is a journey to unlearn some of those which do not serve me anymore.

….more coming soon!