Zoom Exploration Journey

It all started at the end of 2016, when I realised that there is a need for more people to be able to navigate skilfully through the ZOOM technology. My wish for building capacity and having more fellow online hosts transformed into the Zoom Exploration Journey, which I have been organising ever since them.


My vision is that everyone on this planet have access to nourishing spaces….being them physical or digital. With the Zoom Exploration Journey, I focus on the creation of live online spaces.

What I love doing is to empower people to enjoy creating live online spaces. Everyone can do it and more people do it, more spaces will be there to host people in meaningful conversations, connection and who knows what else is possible!

And…..in the mids of so much senseless online communication, I want to model that the online technology can and should be used in a meaningful way.


I can support you to become technical host yourself (using the ZOOM software).

This is for beginners and beyond. I invite you to practice together! I will share with you the essence of my experience and will hold your back in the first sessions you are hosting yourself.

My offer is as follows:

  • Organise a Zoom Exploration Journey for you and your team – 2 hours interactive online session

The purpose of the session is to awaken curiosity and willingness to actively step into practice, as well as to provide the basic knowledge and experience needed for organising, designing and technically hosting a ZOOM online session.

I can organise a Zoom Exploration Journey for an individual, however my experience shows that it is even better to do it in a group of 3 to 5 participants. It is more fun to travel together! 

  • Support you to organise, design and technically host your own online session 

The purpose is to support you directly in your particular context, being on your side while organising, designing and then technically hosting your first online sessions. This is a highly personalised service. It perfectly builds on a Zoom Exploration Journey and can also be separate. 

  • Share with you my online guides for ZOOM technical hosts. This is a gift. Use them, share them, build on them.  

Part 1 Guide for ZOOM Technical Hosts 

The first part of this guide is meant to support you with your very first steps with Zoom, provides the basic knowledge needed to feel comfortable and be in practice.

Part 2 Guide for ZOOM Technical Hosts

This is the second part of the guide. It is for people who already have experience with scheduling Zoom meetings. This guide came first and later I realised that there is also a need to support people in their very first steps on the transition from participant to host. This is how Part 1 came into being. 

ZOOM guide for participants

The purpose of this guide is to make your online experience with the ZOOM software smooth and enjoyable.

VIDEO: Online Hosting & Harvesting – Art of Hosting Karlskrona 2017

In the is video together with my dear friend and a wonderful visual artist – Viola (Tschendel) Clark, we take the participant of the Art of Hosting training in Karlskrona 2017 on a Knowledge Expedition…. introducing them to the online hosting and harvesting.